We empower, study, analyse, educate, and enable action through the sensemaking and sensegiving process of the transition and adaption to a sustainable world.


Economic + Environment + People = Sustainable

We support making sense of the transition and adaptation required to meet the needs of a sustainable world.

We explore actions and impact with a broad variety of experts while developing an understanding in tandem with you and your team on how your organisation or group of people can be actors for a sustainable world. The process of discovery shows mitigation risks but also opportunities related to transition and adaptation.

We pay attention to how the changes of a sustainable world will impact you, your organisation, and society.

We help you become a part of the solution, not the problem.

The power of storytelling

We believe that without a clear picture on where you are heading, you will not get there. If you cannot share the picture, others will not join you on your journey. These are the fundamentals of strategy work – even the best strategy becomes worthless, unless it is understood. When it makes sense, it can shift minds, and you move beyond compliance towards persisting change.

We know how to bring a story to life, and how to use storytelling and narratives to support sensemaking and sensegiving in an inspiring, empowering way. Storytelling is our key strength, and we continuously improve and develop this art with our partners. We use storytelling to empower and engage different actions and nurture imagination, creativity, and problem-solving skills together.

Our Ecosystem

Partners and networks for innovation and inspiration.

Our ecosystem includes innovators, leaders, researchers, and experts inspired by discovering our sustainable world together. We are continuously identifying brave, inspired individuals, organisations, and coalitions who are working on e.g. leadership development, strategy and innovation, human sciences, digital transformation, and research across sectors. Together we co-create and inspire to identify opportunities and solutions that benefit all.

Decade of action

Less reaction, increased curiosity and proactivity

We are all authors of a historic story in the making. We work to ensure that the story your organisation tells is a sustainable one. This is the story of bringing different people, nations, stakeholders, and areas of expertise together to collaborate. Together, we make the transition to a sustainable world a thriving ecosystem for all.

Sustainability is practice, it is something we do. We shift the focus from being a part of the problem, to becoming a part of the solution. Our extensive background in strategy as practice, strategy as discourse, and open strategy and sustainability supports an approach where transparency, inclusion, and psychological safety can become a reality.

Sustory works through storytelling as a force for good. Our experience shows that storytelling is powerful when developing an understanding of issues, risk, and challenges. This knowledge can be applied to form options in action driven solutions, implementable transition plans, and understanding of required adaptation. Our background as management consultants has given us the required, mindset, and skills to nurture a neutral, and task-orientated atmosphere when enabling change at the heart of organisations. We create a “can do” and collaborative mindset for finding alternatives and implementing solutions for your organisation.

We can already see the issues and costs of not making the transition. We also see the benefits on working towards a sustainable world. Whatever you decide, it will have an impact on all of us.

Why partner with us?

We as humans have the unique ability of imagination. This needs to be nurtured so creativity can grow and solutions emerge.

We do not have all the answers, but we have a broad variety of tools, methods, and experts who can facilitate, collect, and analyse information. This knowledge is used to design implementable solutions and options for your organisation. We know how to discover your unique journey in the transition towards a sustainable world. It is not only about what you can do, but also about how this transition towards a sustainable world will impact you. We are experienced in mapping challenges, finding solutions, utilizing existing knowledge within the operations, and seeking partners for mutual benefit.

Discover your impact and action opportunities, and the transition and adaptation you need to prepare for – we will write your unique success story together.

This is a journey of continuous development and unlimited possibilities.

It is not important where you are or where you come from – it is important where you are heading.

Sustory in action

  • Nordic leadership 3.0
  • TCFD
  • Educating youth, Become the hero
  • Ambitious Africa
  • Adelante Americas
  • SDSN network for briding research and practise
  • Good after Covid-19 Finland webinars

Who we are?

Sustory is a not-for-profit NGO who empowers different actors to make the transition to a sustainable world.

We are a curious, neutral partner, originated in Finland. We work with brave individuals, researchers, groups of people, and management teams who are willing to take on this challenge and seek solutions for the future. This requires a willingness to seek inspiration and options across disciplines and from surprising places, such as nature.

We work as businesses advisors and implementation partners where we help to explore, learn, and discover the best practises, tools, and models to completely understand the required transition and adaptation. We offer support to develop implementable realistic plans and to guide the implementation process. We offer a broad variety of support for top management, to develop value adding partnerships and structures beyond your organisation. We also provide lectures, education programs, coaching, and workshops to support the sensemaking and sensegiving process inside and outside your organisation. We are a trusted partner for improvement projects and transition.

Our expertise is formed through collaboration with a broad variety of researchers in combination with our own studies. In this work, we aim to share knowledge, learnings, and research to inspire and support sensemaking of what transition, adaptation, action, and lack of action will mean. We connect actors across areas of interest, sectors, and beyond country borders to form innovative and encouraging ecosystems for collaboration.

We do volunteer work for causes and events to support NGOs with concrete action plans.

We make complex things clear and amplify through storytelling. 

People behind the project

Contributors behind the projects

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What motivates us: the starfish story

“After a storm, there were millions of starfish on the shores. There were massive discussions on the topic, as the starfish on the shore were dying and it was unclear how this would affect the oceans in the area.

On one beach, there were many watching in horror the thousands of starfish on the shores. They were far from the ocean. A girl went to the shore, picked up a starfish, and threw it in the ocean. Many went silent, until one voice said “You can’t save them all, there are millions of them. They won’t make it.”

The girl picked up another starfish, threw it in the ocean and said “ that one made it”. She picked up a third one, threw it in the ocean and said “that one made it as well”.

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