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Tina Karme

CEO of Sustory, MS.c. (Econ.) / M.Sc. candidate in Responsible Management & Climate Change, CMC 

Tina is a storyteller, connector and influencer inspired by our sustainable world, yet to be discovered. She has been involved in several global initiatives related to sustainability e.g. UN PRME at Hanken (Helsinki, Finland) and La Trobe University (Melbourne, Australia).  As a management consultant focus is on the growing demand for solutions and reporting related to impacting and the impact of climate change, the SDGs and other enablers. Her extensive international network with professionals and researchers support sense making through narratives, storytelling and dialogue between different actors. She supports finding solutions, not only identifying problems. 

You usually hear and recogize Tina through her flowing laughter and positivity. 

Contact Tina

+358 50 520 8880
[email protected].  

Niklas Green

M.Sc candidate in finance, B.Sc in finance, Bachelor in Business Administration 

Niklas is finalising his MSc in  Finance and holds both a BSc in Finance and a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He has also studied at both the Fudan University in Shanghai and the Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou, China. Coming from a family with generations of entrepreneurs, Niklas has been discussing business decisions and the economy in general at breakfast, lunch and dinner for the past 28 years. Besides working as a Business Consultant at Sustory he is a Contributor at Ambitious Africa, Finance Manager at Academic Business Consulting, Co-owner and member of the board at a wholesale and investment company and has more than 12 years’ experience from working in retail.  Niklas passions include behavioral finance, exploring new cultures and places as well as boating in the Finnish archipelago with his family. Niklas is always up for new challenges and enjoys long conversations and brainstorming.  

Contact Niklas

+358 40 835 1145
[email protected] 

Marjut Rautiainen

M.Sc. (Eng), Professional Teacher, SSBB

Marjut has a strong, global reputation in energy efficiency, business and production improvements. She has over 20 years of experience as a management consultant. Her portfolio includes a broad variety of improvement projects for large global and local companies. Marjut is an expert in communication and support functions. Her key competences include change management and project management among many other things. Her passion is in storytelling and making sense of global challenges in order to support sustainable long-term development in organisations.

Marjut enjoys long bikerides in the forests, innovative developments of the city and a good cup of coffee.

Contact Marjut

+358 44 366 9001
[email protected]

Kim Karme

M.SC. (ECON), CMC, Honorary chair of finnish management consultant institute, certified iso 20700 trainer, educator

Kim has been working as  a business advisor since 1991. He has a strong reputation especially in design thinking, productivity improvement, and supply chain management. He has at several occasions advised multi-national companies on direct investments and cross-border trade. Kim is giving several international presentations and lectures in different universities and institutes about management consulting. He has received a honorary mention in consulting competition and a reward as the consulting project of the year. Kim has been 5 years the Chair of the Finnish Management Consultants Association and is a past member of the Board at the UN NGO International Council of Management Consultants. Kim is also a certified trainer of the ISO 20700 standard of Management Consulting Services. Kim has pleasant and extrovert personality. 

Contact Kim

+358 50 411 5458
[email protected]

Tarek Fahmy

Innovation Consultant, Service Designer and a Motivational Speaker, MBA candidate in Service Innovation and Design 

Tarek is a passionate service designer with a Mediterranean twist. He is a born and bred utopian. He is at his best when creating innovative ideas that bypass the brain’s scanner and reach straight to the heart. He has designed several global co-creative development projects and solutions for different sectors in multiple countries like South Africa, Malawi, Tanzania, Egypt, Jordan, United States, Germany and Finland.  Tarek enjoys designing for sustainability and executing circular economy solutions. He believes that patience and humility are very essential in our temporary human experience. Tarek also believes that extraordinary things are built with laughter.

Contact Tarek

+358 41 583 8790
[email protected]

Nina Lepistö

Coordinator at Sustory, Bachelor of Business Administration Candidate 

Nina has a passion for working on systemic change and innovative solutions for the future. Nina is a thinker, who enjoys long deep philosophical discussions on what could be, rather on what currently is. During her career, Nina has been recruiting young people for their first job (e.g. as a manager at McDonalds) and mentored them into their first real job. Nina also has a lot of experience in retail.  

Nina is a patient person orientated individual with good team working skills and abilities to get the job done. Nina has excellent verbal skills and is fascinated by texts and stories. Often you find Nina reading a book. She always has a book in progress, as once she finishes one, she quickly moves on to the next one.

Contact Nina

+358 45 105 1996
[email protected]

Venla Välimaa

Media-Assistant, Bachelor canditate in digital design & communication

Venla has great skills in different kind of softwares. She is a student at the University of Applied Sciences Metropolia. She has five years of experience on different types of digital media works. Her passion is graphic design, ui- & ux-designing and web services. She has exceptional multitasking skills and you usually have her working on more than two different projects at the same time.

Venla enjoys her free time with her friends and family.  She is also a very passionate ice cream lover.

Venla is the mastermind behind all the cool visual stuff & website for the project while handling all communications of the project development phases.

Contact Venla

+358 44 364 5000
[email protected]


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