Tell them and they will listen. Show them, and they will remember. Tell them a story, and they will carry it in their hearts!
Tell them and they will listen. Show them, and they will remember. Tell them a story, and they will carry it in their hearts!

The power of storytelling

Stories hold great power. Through stories, we can live lives and experience realities we never would otherwise. We become wiser and kinder. Stories make us laugh, cry and question the things we have considered as the norm. We relate to and learn from the characters, even befriending them in our minds.

What if you could send a message to the character of a story, telling them how their story inspired and affected you?

How does it work?

Hear a Story, Change Lives gathers stories of real people from various backgrounds. The stories can include elements of courage, fear and hope, among other things. We invite people to listen to the stories and reflect on the experience – what enabled compassion and respect? What did you learn from the character?

The anonymous reflections are directed back to the owner of the story. For someone, hearing that they are not alone with their struggles and that their experiences have inspired someone else can be an empowering and a life changing experience – to provide someone this experience, all we have to do is listen.

Are you an experienced or aspiring creative writer? Do you want to take part by narrating the stories?

Oletko jo kokenut tai vasta aloitteleva kirjoittaja? Haluaisitko osallistua kampanjaan tarinoiden kirjoittajana?

Interested in sharing your story? We are recruiting storytellers soon, so stay tuned!

Haluatko jakaa oman tarinasi? Rekrytoimme myös tarinoiden kertojia pian, joten pysy kuulolla!




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I am an avid reader, and therefore one of my favourite things to do is to get lost in a good book, immersing myself in stories of people I might never otherwise meet. So what could be more perfect than a project that does good through the thing I love the most, storytelling! My hope is that Hear a Story, Change Lives leaves a lasting but growing impression in people’s minds – a reminder that despite our differences, we are all surprisingly alike.

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