Good after Covid-19

Building on #GoodAfterCovid19 global initiative. We are proud to offer you a possibility to join the movement in Finland!


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Our past events

Un-learning, new-learning and repeating

The Responsible Learning and Unlearning Journey

Dr Corinne Young, Franklin University Switzerland

Nordic Arts Expedition and Opera Beyond

Lilli Paasikivi, Director of the Finnish National Opera

Annastina Haapasaari, Project Manager Opera Beyond

New-learning in the Digital Era

Jussi Nissilä. CEO of Tivia

What is Doughnut Economy?

Does it matter?

What is Doughnut Economy?

Prof Leonardo Conté, Franklin University Switzerland

Thoughts on How to Measure Impact

Eliya Devay, Systemic Change Agent for a Sustainable Future

Covid19 and Macro Perspective – learnings

Anna Kuusniemi-Laine, Partner and HEad of Sustainability at Castrén & Snellman Ltd

Can open strategy and nordic leadership help?

Strategy 3.0, Open Strategy

Prof Eero Vaara, Saïd Business School, Oxford University

Remoteworking and flexible offices

Heikki Martela, Chair of the Board, Martela


Robin Lindahl, CEO of Taaleri

Responsible, empowering, and collaborative leadership 

Panel discussion:

Carlo Giardinetti, Co-Founder of Global Good After Covid19, Reshaper and Influencer on Sustainabilty

Peter Vesterbacka, Gravity Creater at Finest Bay, Area Ambitious.Africa Global Team

Maija Luukka, Ambitious.Africa Global Team

Covid19, What is your number? New working mode needed.

Strategizing during Covid19

Dr Mikko Vesa, Associate Professor at Hanken School of Economics

Remotework leadership

Juha Gröhn, CEO Atria

The power of strategy and leaps  of trust (in finnish)

The power of employees

Juha Wiskari, founder of [email protected]


Atte Jäskelinen, Professor of Practise LUT

Leaps of Trust in the Healtcare Sector

Heini Pirttijärvi, Change Manager and Trust Builder

Is it time to talk about “good after”?

Virtuality is here to stay

Dr Emma Nordbäck, Assistant Professor at Hanken School of Economics

Leaps of Digitalisation

Sakari Pehkonen, FD at Lähi Tapiola


Marc Hinnenberg, CEO at  Hanken 

Decade of action Founders of global #goodaftercovid19 – initiative

Less reaction, increased curiosity and proactivity

The initiative is a global discussion (initiated by Franklin University) with key actors on how to work through Covid19 and design the future. The initiative has taken people around the world by storm, and already 5 fishbowl discussions with different experts have taken place.

The panelists include: Jonas Haertle (Special Assistant to Executive Director at (UNITAR), United Institute for Training and Research), Peter Bakker (President & CEO at World Business, Council for Sustainable Development), Veronica Melian (Human Capital Leader for Switzerland at Deloitte) and many more.


Carlo Giardinetti

Dean of Executive Education on Global Outreach at Franklin University Switzerland

Sara Roversi

Founder of Future Food Institute

You can hear the founders thoughts on why we need to start to think about good after covid19 from the videos above

Why do we need to talk about Good after Covid-19?

We recognize that millions of people are affected negatively by Covid-19. Family members are lost, jobs are lost, and it seems like uncertainty is the only stable thing at the moment. Is it time to talk about good after, while the wounds are still wide open?

We believe it is, and that it is essential. The future is foggy, in some cases scary, but we have the power and the possibility of steering the direction. We are in the driver’s seat.

The world is facing a change faster than ever before, and we humans have a fantastic ability to adapt. It is now that we need to make sense of what we want to adapt to and what the “new normal” will and should look like. We want to work on imagining and designing the future and make sense of the change we are facing.

We welcome all to participate in the challenge, of developing a more resilient sustainable “normal”.

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