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Women in Sports

Natalia Pinkney

Former advocacy hotline employee for TurnAround Inc. (Baltimore, Maryland) assisting women seeking help for domestic violence and sexual assault.

Natalia has a passion for helping women and girls who are victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. She is also playing sports at a semi/professional level (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Brisbane, Australia, Lugano, Switzerland).

Natalia took her passions and put them into coaching and mentoring young women in both life and sports. Natalia has a natural talent in connecting with people where they are at and supporting them in getting where they are headed. Her travels all over the world have exposed her to different cultures and experiences, developing her skills in relations, practicing empathy, and adjusting to rapid change. You typically hear Natalia before you see her with her loud laugh and feel embraced by her positive attitude.

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Developing work process and tool on Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosure

Tom Store

Founder and Owner of Implementor Oy

Tom has background in Management Business Consulting since the 90’s, including Big Five Consultancy Companies and IT Consulting Firms delivering turn key IT Solutions. Projects completed in both Finland and internationally, SME and Global 500 companies with excellent ROI. Specialized in People Change Management projects improving Productivity and Quality. Tom is a down to earth, curious, emphatic, creative, and cooperative person. Fact based approach is his high priority and he delivers what is agreed. He has an ability to gain different peoples trust and a unique ability of always having the support element visible and at people’s disposal when ever needed. If Tom is out of the office, it is likely you find him involved with sailing in many different forms and at wintertime skiing at slopes. In between actively running and visiting gym.

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