Sustory expanding sustainability approach to Adelante Americas

Written by Tina Karme

Monday, Oct 19

Sustory has just got started with Ambitious Africa, emphasizing the importance in painting a picture of a sustainable world, empowering locals in developing a sustainable community through different actions and by supporting in change through storytelling. Now, Andalentes Americas has asked Sustory to work closely with them, when changing and empowering ambitious youth for a better tomorrow. 

Sustory has been supporting Ambitious Africa both through Co-founder Tina Karme and Business Consultant Niklas Green. In addition Ahmed Abdrabo is involved in Ambitious Egypt country team. Tina and Niklas have been focusing on brining structure and empowerment to different teams working on initiatives and projects related to sustainability, while connecting actors and changemakers to others. There are four main streams in the work, waste management, storytelling, events and start-ups. In addition, Sustory and the Ambitious Sustainability Steering group is now getting involved in other activities of Ambitious Africa, to identify and support in connecting those activities with sustainable development, ensuring that all activities work towards a sustainable world. 

The approach has been focusing much on leadership and changemaking at all levels. We can all be change makers and leaders. Sustory and Ambitious Africa are also nurturing a safe environment where learning through failure is an option. Tina explains the core of their work like this: 

“We do not have all the answers and an important part of learning is through failing. Fear of failing is keeping us for acting. We at Ambitious Africa and Sustory want to create a space, where we embrace the importance of failing and learning through it. We share all learning, success and failure, as they are crucial to learning and developing together. There are no simple solutions, and learning and unlearning is key”. 

The way of working has been appreciated, and Sustory has been requested to be a core part of the sustainability work at Adelante Americas, a very similar project, where the focus is on South America. 

“We are truly honored for this opportunity to learn and unlearn together with inspiring and ambitious persons. Current assumptions and systems need to questioned world wide, and we can’t wait to do that in areas, who in many cases are at the front of baring the consequences of our unsustainable world. We can reach the tipping point through working together and learning from eachother. We at Sustory will have a busy year ahead of us, and a lot of unlearning to do to allow space for new learning to occur. We are truly grateful to be working on these initiatives and painting a picture together with all this bright, ambitious people”, says Tina Karme

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