I Lead Through Connectedness…

Written by Tina Karme

Wednesday, Apr 14

Inspired by The Leadership Measure by Dr Diana Kenoly (UN Ambassador)

And now you are probably thinking, “what on earth is she talking about”. And that is a fair question, I am only on a journey of discovery myself. But let’s start this journey together, as I will do my best to explain, why I do what I do.

After Kauppalehti Optio (a Finnish business magazine) published the story on Nordic Leadership 3.0, I received many contacts asking about the project. Many were asking about the funding for it, about how I will earn on it, and how it will be turned into a business. Many were skeptical – it is not the first time a leadership model has been developed and then turned into a business. What was different about this one?

But I want to tell upfront, that the business perspective is not what drives me or why I initiated Nordic Leadership 3.0. And I do not believe it is the reason people are involved. As I said, I lead through connectedness, a sense of togetherness. Together we can do amazing things, and amazing things will follow.

Does this sound a bit too sugar-coated? I agree, it does. But nevertheless, let’s explore it and embark on this journey, just for the fun of it. And if nothing else, you have a chance to get a “peek behind the curtain”.

First point: I am convinced we are a part of something bigger, a larger system, All of Us. We are individuals, we have our individual traits and all of us are unique. But still, we are connected, not only with each other but with nature, animals… even the universe? For the time being, let’s call it the unconscious connection. I know some of you might prefer spirituality, some life force. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section, I am yet to discover a good word for this.

Second point: We all have responsibilities. I made a decision two years ago, to start with myself, and my responsibility to myself. The truth to be told, I was so occupied with people around me and their needs, that I did not show up for myself. It was small things, as taking the long walk I told myself I would, or going to the concert I had wanted to, or just sitting outside and listen to the birds with a cup of coffee. So I made a promise: I will figure this out, and I will start paying attention to my responsibility towards myself. I will learn to stop making excuses, and I will learn to stop being the victim of circumstances. I am from one of the happiest countries in the world, from a country of social security and welfare, so there is no reason why I can not do the things I am responsible for, except I, myself standing in the way. I soon learned that I wanted to do more than I was doing. I felt I had more to give. And now, there was no reason for me not to do so.

Third point: Do good, both for people and the planet so that we all can prosper. I believe it can be achieved through partnership and peaceful mindset. You most likely hear these things everywhere today. And  am still in the sensemaking phase, trying to understand when I really know if I am doing good or harm. It is a tricky statement to make. And a dangerous one, I’ve come to learn. I have received feedback about having a car and not riding my bike, about eating meat, about flying, and so much more, that I should feel guilty about. And sometimes I do. Still, the most hurtful thing for me has not been these words, not even the ones who call me a hypocrite. No, it is when people don’t understand, that by harming the planet and by harming others, we ultimately also harm ourselves. And I have always been puzzled by the things we tell ourselves when we do know we harm ourselves.

Forth point: Work together, break down barriers. This might sound like a revolution where we all stand in front of the parliament telling the government our opinion. I agree it is a revolution, but not in the sense we relate to it based on history. It is actually a nice revolution, a revolution I think most of us will want to be a part of. It is about brining perspective and clarity. Though it we connect people who bring balance and courage when facing adversity (a difficult situation). This way of a revolution connects people beyond time, distance, race, ethnicity, religion, economic levels, language, culture and any other perceived barriers. It is about understanding that success and failure is the best measurement for our ability of working together no matter on which scale we are talking about; your family, work place, city, country, our planet.

So where does all of this leave us, and how is it liked with Nordic Leadership 3.0?

I’ll bring you back to my first point, I lead through connectedness. Now I think you get it: I thrive when I can bring people together, to work together, to break down barriers. We break down barriers by finding balance and courage to face unpleasant and difficult situations. But most of all, we accept our responsibility towards ourselves and accept that we are a part of a larger system. We see, that by harming things around us, we eventually end up harming ourselves.

The Nordics have many good things we can build on. We have a high level of trust, which lowers the barriest to speak of issues, problems, obstacles and barriers. We have learnt through the ages, to collaborate, through inclusion and openness, over time, distance, race, ethnicity, religion, economic levels, language, and culture. We are not always successful, and we have a lot to learn, but the willingness is there in many cases, some places more than other.

Also, I see that the Nordics have a lot to loose if we continue on a path of an unsustaibale future; our beautiful nature, economic welfare, thriving societies with high level of security, four seasons from lively summers to chilly dark winters, and the fresh air we breath. Therefore the Nordics are also in a unique position, to better explain what a sustainable world could incorporate, and what is could mean. We can bring sense to a sustainable future and turn it into something we all want to run towards: Who wouldn’t want fresh air to breath, safe streets to walk, safe playgrounds for kids to play, feel included, eat delishous food, hear the birds sing, have economic stability, and feel a sense of purpose.

Why do I do this?

Two answers: because together, we can make the world sustainable, and because I thrive when I can bring people together and make the most out of their unique areas of strengths and inspire them by all incredible things coming our way.

We succeed together, and we learn together.

This is what I mean with leading through connectedness.


In my next blog I will look more deeper into the connectedness, through a book chapter called Breaking Bad – One World Awareness in the book Imaginal Cells.

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