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I Lead Through Connectedness…

Inspired by The Leadership Measure by Dr Diana Kenoly (UN Ambassador) And now you are probably thinking, “what on earth is she talking about”. And that is a fair question, I am only on a journey of discovery myself. But let’s start this journey together, as I will do...

United, Divided and Connected

This post is inspired by the bookchapter "Divided Nations" in the book Imaginal Cells: Visions of Transformation The article discusses a very urgent topic related to government and “rules of the actions” on global issues. Many nations and regions are putting...

Can capitalism save climate change?

Ideas worth exploringIs it possible to solve climate change through capitalism? Here is what Harvard Business Review Prof. Rebecca M. Henderson thinks. You can read more about Rebecca M.Hendersons work and passion by clicking the link below. Building a sustainable...

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