Ambitious Sustainability Kick-off

Written by Tina Karme

Monday, Oct 19

Thusday 15th November, Ambitious Africa arranged the Ambitious Sustainability teams kick-off. The event was on Deal-Room. The event was organized with the support of different speakers involved, who both talked about sustainability on a general level, but also about ongoing work for the different parts. We had the pleasure of supporting through our Co-founder Tina Karme and our Business Consultant, Niklas Green. 

Sustory emphasizes the importance of actions for sustainability and the importance of painting a picture of our sustainable world. One of the main questions Sustory is asking, is if people can imagine a sustainable world? 

What does a sustainable world look like? Is it clearly demonstrated in the SDG’s? 

“Can you picture a sustainable world… what it looks like where you are… what it smells like, what it feels like? If you can’t it is OK, I struggle as well.”

Sustory is also recognizing and appreciating the complexity related to the SDG’s. A complex world is a reality, and we need to embrace the complexity. Still, it makes many of us feel lost. 

“The UN SDG’s are a great way of showing where you have impact. It also shows the complexity related to having a truly sustainable world. It is not a simple matter, and many things need to be changed. If you feel lost when you look at the SDG’s it is, ok, you are not alone. I feel lost every now and then as well, but it should not keep us from learning and working on it. Sometime the best learning is through trying, sometimes failing, but also appreciating and sharing succeeding.”

How is Sustory contributing? 

In the work with Ambitious Africa, Sustory is not trying to be the ones who tells what needs to be done.  We do it together. There are plenty of good successful stories, just waiting to be shared and told. Our job is to help and support in brining the fragments together, as the picture below shows. 

Why I this important? Well, we do not have a choise, we cant keep going the way we ae going… So what needs to be done is to harvest the ideas, collect – and connect. I’ll explain thi inspiring example on how the fragments together paint the picture. Hence, We paint the picture, you paint the picture. 

“ We want to learn together with the people at Ambitious Africa, and empower locals to act. The world can not continue going the way it is going, and unfortunately bad decisions and impacts of not reacting in the North is payed by developing countries in the South. And through out the years, we can show evidence, that just trying to copy what is done in the north doesn’t support in really constructing a sustainable world in the south. And additional advantage of development in Africa is, that we do not need to do all the “mistakes” we have done, we can immediately build systems that are sustainable. We have the knowledge and the information to do that”. 

Tina Karme

Sustory is excited about being centrally involved in Ambitious Africa, as it will be a powerful journey of learning unlearning and empowering local communities, entrepreneurs and individuals in developing a world that is sustainable. A sustainable world and telling that story, is a top priority, and this is where the journey of Sustory and Ambitious Africa begins. Together, we can make a difference, starting with ourselves. 

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